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All Terrain Vehicle Insurance – ATV Insurance

ATV Insurance from Costlow InsuranceDo you need ATV Insurance in Texas?

Is it important to have all-terrain vehicle insurance?

Many motorcycle owner’s also own all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and choose not to insure their ATV’s.

No matter if you ride your Off Highway Vehicle (as designated by the state of Texas) on approved Public Land and/or Public Trails or Private Property (where permission has been granted), not insuring an ATV is a huge risk as ATV’s by their very nature of use can be inherently dangerous and therefore potentially raising your risk level for bodily injury and property damage.

ATV Insurance from Costlow InsuranceIf an accident occurs and a participant or by-stander gets hurt by you or your ATV (for example) you can be sued for a substantial sum and you could find yourself in financial jeopardy. So don’t let the joy of riding cost you more in the long run than insurance would have ever cost you.

To insure an ATV with an ATV Insurance Policy, many of the same requirements to get insurance apply as they do with a Motorcycle and/or an Automobile for that matter.

Having said that, All-terrain vehicle policies can cost far less. In fact, the average annual ATV policy in the world of insurance is priced to provide the rider with coverages in a range that are a small price to pay for financial well-being and peace of mind.

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ATV Insurance from Costlow InsuranceCall us if you have any all-terrain vehicle insurance questions or would like to set up an appointment.

You should review the following very important factors when considering purchasing, riding, and insuring an ATV:

  • Make sure you have a good Driving Record
  • Review your Credit Score
  • Take a Safety Course (required for public land and/or public trails)
  • Review Insurance Premiums for ATV’s (machine types) as more aggressive machines with poor safety records/claims cost more to insure
  • Make sure you review and understand your Insurance Coverages
  • Review Liability Coverage Limits; Basic Liability Coverage may not be enough
  • Review your Medical Coverage Limits; you may need to raise them
  • Review Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Limits; if you purchase a more expensive machine you may need higher limits (remember, comprehensive coverage protects against such things as fire and theft)
  • Don’t drop Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage; as many people don’t insure their ATV’s and this protects you against their negligence
  • Review Coverage Limits for Additional Custom Parts, Accessories, Helmets, Riding Gear, and Additional Safety Equipment

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ATV Insurance in Rowlett Texas

Costlow Insurance serves Dallas, Ft. Worth, North Texas, and now all of Texas. Remember our motto: Insurance Texans Trust.

Since 1981, we’ve gained that reputation one customer at a time by providing you, our customer, with informed decisions about all of your ATV insurance needs.

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